What to say?
Well, I am a French national living in SE Asia for 7 years and with 20 years of F&B and Hospitality experience (also certified sommelier).
I decided, oups… get strongly encouraged by my fiancee and some friends, to start a Blog about Food and Drinks… And the most funny thing is I already got more than 23000 readers in Trip Advisor..
I don’t want to do the kind of blogs where every thing is good and beautiful, but something realistic and honest! A real opinion on what you can find out there.
I saw in the past so many of them, without palate and coming to a restaurant explaining that if their friends and themselves can eat and drink for free they will do a good review…. REALLY??? If the food is bad and you get a lousy service, why, on Earth, and for a free meal, will you write a good review…? Be honest, and maybe, explained to the manager what went wrong… !!! My opinion is: most of them do that to get this particular free meal….!! SHAME ON YOU.

Now, let’s explore the matter. I will write about food, drink, and anything related. It can be a coffee shop, a fine dining, a $20 bottle of wine or an expensive wine… Who knows where this will bring us.

Just follow me and even myself I might be surprised…





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