Little heaven in Marseille (Fr.)

For those, who never heard of the city of Marseille, well, it is the second largest city in France and located on the Mediterranean coast.

And, as all big cities, Marseille is also, really buzzing…


As a traveller, when you found a little peaceful area, you are happy to enjoy each moment. And why not share it.

I am talking of those places which still, look like an old postcard…


And this place is the Vallon des Auffes, hidden gem, in the middle of the city.

It is a great place to spend few relaxing days, a stone thrown away on the city center.

View from the bridge
View from the bridge

Couple of good restaurants, walking distance, where you can enjoy the local speciality named Bouillabaisse, traditional Provençal fish stew. And the beauty in it is that everything is fresh… I mean, the fishing boats are literally at the door steps…

Of course, you must go to “Chez Fonfon”, which is an institution for  the Bouillabaisse and fishes. Too bad for the meat lovers.

Bouillabaisse's fishes
Bouillabaisse’s fishes


The Bouillabaisse…


The fish soup with Aïoli crouton...
The fish soup with Aïoli crouton…


In my opinion, the rosé wine from Provence is a perfect match... santé!
In my opinion, the rosé wine from Provence is a perfect match… santé!

Chez Fonfon website here

To be honest, there is no hotel inside the Vallons des Auffes, (but in the surrounding, yes!), so the options are limited, or you rent with “Chez Fonfon” as they do have 4 rooms/ studio (better reserve in advance) or you check on AirBnB; which we did. And we found a lovely 1 bedroom apartment, directly on the port. We loved it…

The flat entrance
The flat entrance

FYI, there is a nice wine bar just beside, I forgot the name, and of course “Chez Jeannot”, and all are facing the Port.

For a Fine Dinning experience, you can go to “L’Epuisette”, 1 Michelin Star. Also a fish’s speciality restaurant, but well that’s what you find on the coast… And the chef, obviously, do have his own version on the Bouillabaisse, so you can experience different style, from the rustic one to the modernized one, you will have the choice.

L’Epuisette website here

200m from the Vallon des Auffes, with also an amazing view, you can go to the”Restaurant Peron”. Very good food with a modern twist on traditional cuisine.

Website here

The sea view
The sea view

FYI, the hotel opposite, does not belong to the same owner, and did look a bit rundown…


Talking about bouillabaisse, I will emphasis on it, as it is, in my opinion, a good representation of the cuisine of Mediterranean area. As we use a lot of differemt fishes, and this is the combine of all. Not to say that it is a poor man dish at first, and the name mean “when it boil (bouill-), lower the eat (-abaisse)”.

Bouillabaisse link here

And even if it’s a traditional dish, lots of restaurants are still serving and very average one, also called “For Tourist”. So, if you decide to eat one, and you should, go to places which are known for it… that’s just an advise.


A bit Further from the Vallons des Auffes, you can go to “Le Petit Nice”; 3 Michelin Stars and a 5 stars hotel. Which is also an Amazing place, but be prepare for the bill 🙂

Website here

A special mention to the restaurant “Une Table, Au Sud”, located at the Old Port of Marseille, 1 Michelin Star, great food in an elegant environment.

Website here

Tasty amuses-bouche @ Une table, au Sud
Tasty amuses-bouche @ Une Table, Au Sud




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