Why not having your own perfume…

If you are in France and particularly in Provence / Cote d’Azur, I will advise you, if you enjoy good smell and perfumes, to take the time to go and visit the city of Grasse, near Cannes and Nice.


First of all, Grasse, is the World’s Capital of Perfume. Yes, it is. For some history, Click Here, but between the city and perfumes, it goes back to 1614… SO by now, we can expect them to know their stuffs.

Office du Tourisme, Click Here

OF course you can go and visit the Old Village, but one thing very interesting and value for money, it’s to do your own perfume. And few houses proposed that, at different price…

Maison Molinard

And we settle for one of the oldest perfume house in Grasse, called, Maison Molinard which was found in 1849 in Grasse.

Their website here!

3 options will be made available (with an English speaker specialist).

Molinard main entrance

Le bar des fragrance, 3 bases, 6 essences, 20 mn, 30€.

L’atelier des parfums,90 essences, 60 mn, 50ml, 69€.

La villa du parfumeur, 100 essences, 2h, 75 ml, 189€.

Atelier Parfums

Personally, we selected the Atelier, and it is already, a huge amount of work, as you will have 90 senses, which you need to divide in 3, as any perfume will be create as:

  1. Base notes
  2. Heart notes
  3. Top notes

Table of essences

Of course, they will go through with you the all process and make you understand how the combination of different natural flavours can work…


At the end,  you will leave with your own fragrance and they will keep your recipe (with ingredients and proportions) so next time, you can just re-order the exact same perfume that you’ve made few month back…..


Also don’t forget a walk in their own museum, which used to be the original factory…




Enjoy your own creation….



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