Lunch at Jaan, Swissotel SG

Since the departure of chef Julien Royer, last year, his sous-chef took over the position.

For those whom never heard of Jaan, it is a well renown fine dining in Singapore, under Swissotel/ Fairmont. And it is not an easy task to take over, as most of the predecessor did bring a high level of gastronomy.

Never the less, chef Kirk Westaway have a legacy to maintain…

First thing first, when you arrived at the 70th level of the Equinox complex, you’ll have a small corridor which will bring you to the restaurant. 

The decor is simple. No decor! 

Except for the overloaded branding from Krug Champagne (MHD) and yes a very nice and modern chandellier. In few words, why put paiting or photos when you do have the stunning view that they have… ?

The restaurant might seat 30/40 pax max. White table cloth, simple seating but formal restaurant. Do not come in short and slippers… 

Overall the menu looks very appetizing. And for this reason, we had a fancy meal, degustation style… For lunch..!

Even if the menu looks really yummy and, by the way, the service staff is well trained. But the overall experience was a big disapointment. I am not saying that to embarrase them or else. I am just stating a fact. The food was blend, tasteless and sometimes, even wondering how can this be happening.

Technically speaking, they might get 1 or 2 stars from Michelin Guide tomorrow ( oh yes, that is the launch of Michelin Guide in Singapore). But if you asked me, after having tried some of the most amazing restaurant around the world, and having worked in some of them; it was not what I expected. 

When chef Royer left Jaan to open his own (Odette), lots of marketing was done aroung chef Kirk. And as you know, it ‘s always better to give some times before judging. And after more than 6 month of adjustment, and all the press, I did expect an explosion of flavours… I am still waiting.

We had sea urchin, truffles, caviar, cold lamb ( well, once you sliced the meat before plating, it will turn stone cold in few second) and more. And as you can see, all those ingrediemts are naturally full of flavour… Except that day. 

I am not sure if it’s the lack of seasoning, or the quality of the product ( I doubt, except maybe for the truffles) or just when you want to do too much you are missing the point… But, if you asked me I will say that it is maybe a bit of all… and yes, they might get a star or two, which, in my opinion, will reflect the level of hypocrasy of the famous Red Guide…  you need to content your sponsors sometimes… 

After saying all of that, in my honest opinion, I will give a pass for now. There are better and more valuable restaurants in SG.

But well, let’s say that I will give them another try….

….To be continued…


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