My Seminyak, Bali

Bali is a place where you can find any kind of vacation…

If you are the party goers, well you will be interested by Kuta Beach, If you are more into finding yourself in a natural surrounding, well Hubud is for you. If you are more into a gastronomic journey, well, Seminyak is for you… But there is so many more things as site seeing, water sport activities. Well a great tropical island…


And the good think is, you can have it for all budgets… From the backpacker to the 5 stars hotels, form the cheap and good local food, to the sophisticated and pricey dinner…

First thing first, your arrival.

Well you’ll land at Ngurah Rai International Airport, with a nice landing over the sea. provided the weather is good.!

And be re-assure that if you didn’t book a transport with your hotel, official taxis kiosk is the first thing we saw.


It costed us RMP 200.000 from the airport to Petitengent, with a receipt.
Overall when you get in any taxi, just ask them to turn on the meter.

Also you once arrived at your destination, you can rent a bike for as low as RMP 60.000/ day.

Before I forget, they use their own currency so better have some cash with you. And yes, most of the places accept credit cards and you can find some ATM here and there. Apparently is better not to use the streets money changer and some convenience store do also have ATM.

As for their currency, just remember it’s called Rupiah and the change of RP 100.000 is around SGD$10 or USD$7.


Once at your location, you can easily rent a scooter for cheap (feel free to negotiate) and the only advise I will give, is to be caution while you drive, as the roads are small, not necessary lighted at night and the traffic can be epic. So an accident ca happen very fast… Just be aware…


The greatness of Seminyak, in my opinion, is not only the beautiful sceneray of the beach, but also the great variety of food option you’ll find.

From traditional to fine dinning, local or romantique, casual or Hipe, you do have an extensive choice.
just to remind you that  KU DE TA and Potato Head Beach Club, are for your party/lazy afternoon.

To be honest I didn’t have time to go to KU DE TA but went to PotatoHead instead.

The overall experience is positive, food and drinks are up to standard. But Service can be improved.
3 options for seatings. Tables indoor, on the grass picnic style or on a day bed (fyi: they do request a minimum spend of RP500,000, which is not so much but be prepare for the waiting list).

Lots of people are talking about them as “a place to be”. Well, don’t get me wrong, overall it’s a good bar/restaurant with a pool over looking the beach and loud music… Not bad with friends!

Seminyak Beach

Further down the beach, you will find La Lucciola, a very tasty Italian restaurant with a romantic touch.

Perfect for dinner and if you want a front table, better come early.

FYI, very good Bloody Mary!

Crab Risotto
Fish Soup

Other good place to eat and also sleep, will be The Legian, Bali

image                      image

Great food and service, in a cosy and green environment. With a view!

But seriously, I cannot list all the restaurants out there, as there is a lot…

special mention to:

Petitenget Restaurant & Bar

Bali Duck Salad at Petitenget Restaurant
Tuna Carpaccio at Petitenget Restaurant

Very yummy food, refreshing during hot days and close to the beach….

Merah Putih, Indonesian Restaurant, it was a delight, very good Indonesian Fine Dining food but if you want a table in the main dinning room, you better book a table…

Opposite you will find Waroeng Bonita, for a more traditional and casual Indonesian food, nice outdoor and they will give you some mosquito repellant…

For your breakfast, you can go to The Fat Turtle, small place but with good coffee and food…


Also for outdoor dinning with a beach view, go and enjoy Breeze at The Samaya Seminyak, good food and friendly staff…

Shrimp Salad at Breeze

Other than those listed above, there is so many more places such as Sarong Restaurant, MamaSan Kitchen & Bar, Sardine Restaurant, and many more…

Special mention just because the appetizers were good, but very disappointing main courses and not so friendly management Urchin Restaurant (My review on TripAdvisor)


Other than food and beach, It is a great place to get massage, I mean proper massage, and for this I will also give a special mention to BodyWorks, as the service is great, not as cheap as lots of other massage places but well Luxury have a price… FYI try the 4 hands massage, a must…!


Seminyak beach is also the place where you can enjoy a massage on the beach and I would like to thanks these 2 ladies Kiki and Bella, for the great attitude, ok massage, of course they also sell “souvenirs” and as went to see them few times, we also enjoyed amazing mango with them…

Kiki and Bella
W Retreat Entrance
Pura Temple entrance

And the most important in all that is, to respect the local and the environment. Of course, as a tourist, you will always have people who try to sell you stuff, but overall, the locals are nice and friendly.

So just enjoy your stay, be respectful and as we always say: don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you…

And for more info please check this website:


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