Lunch at Rhubarb Le Restaurant


Opened a year ago by a young team and Au Petit Salut group, this french inspired restaurant is located in a shop house in Duxton Hill.
The main dinning is small with an open kitchen and the decor is simple and elegant.
The service is discreet. They take care of you properly and this is pleasant…!

{click here for website}


They do have an “a la carte” and a Set Lunch at S$42.00++. Which is an average pricing, for this kind of dinning, in the area and Singapore….
But well, as long as it’s good, we need to give a try…

Which better way to try their food than to go for the Set Lunch…


Let’s start by the “Trout Tartare”. Fresh dish to enjoy during the heat period. Nice combinaison of flavours but missing a touch of acidity, in my opinion. Well, I could ask for some lemon….


Let’s continue by the “Emulsion of the Day”, which was made of mushrooms and chesnuts. Light but full on flavour and texture… “Un regal….” Yummy…


For the main, I tried the “Lamb Shoulder” .
The lamb is perfectly cooked and tender. Get well with the garnish, but under cooked carrots (for me). Too crunchy in my opinion. Some people like it like that… I am not complaining as it was a good dish…

I could have cheese, but too full… I’m sure they have some good ones…


Ha! Dessert!
In general, not a big fan. But this was perfect to digest. Something fresh and fruity.

Overall, Rhubarb restaurant is a good place to go, good service and good food.
I will go back to try the “A la Carte” and I will have some expectaction, of course…!



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