Macau, the gambling capital of Asia… Is that it?

Ruins of Saint Paul

As most of you knows, Macau is an ex-Portuguese colony in the Southern side of China, and yes it is kind of small, 30.3Km².

But the good thing is, Macau is a stone throw away from Hong-Kong, or walking distance from the city of Zhuhai (People Republic of China).

By boat it will take you 1hr (depending on the weather) to get there. If you are coming for far away they do have an international Airport.

Turbot Jet from Hong Kong

For the ferry, I do like the company called TurboJet, but there is also Cotai Water Jet. Both are daily, reasonable price, the embarkation and disembarkation is standard for both; well ok sometimes some tourist from certain countries can be rude, pushed you here and there, but well nothing dramatic! And both customs (Macao and HK) are efficient. You will have to fill the disembarkation card but you’ll be in and out in few minutes…

View of the Passenger Ferry Terminal

All of this, to say that Macau can be a nice 1 or 2 days trip if you are in Hong Kong.

Macau’s Historic Centre

To simplify, Macao is separated in 2, on one side you have in the North, the “Historic Centre” classified by the UNESCO World Heritage, with old architectures, such as the Ruins of Saint Paul, and the South part you will have the “Cotai“, I mean, I will call that the Cotai Area, where you do have only Casinos…. All sorts of Casinos… But don’t get me wrong, as even in the North part, you also have Casinos…. But a little bit less….!

Street view near A-Ma Temple


Panoramic of A-Ma Temple


A-Ma Temple
on the way to Cotai, view of the Macau Tower

First interesting fact is; even if Macau used to be a Portuguese colony for more than 100years; and since they are “under” China, due to a strong influx in the immigration; lots of workers will speak Mandarin, at the difference of Hong Kong which use Cantonese. And yes, lots of streets name are still in Portuguese, so if you have to take a taxi, be patient as the driver might speak a really, really, really, basic english… But well, if you know where you are going, or at least have the name of where you are going, most of the taxi drivers will have maps written in Chinese and English and you will find your way.

Continuous flow of buses

But After saying that, you mostly don’t need to take a cab, as all the Hotels/Casinos will provide free shuttle, and you can figure it out, as you can take any shuttle, then discover by yourself on foot (Yes Macau is small).

Street in the Old Town
Street in the Old Town
Natural water source built in 1629

Now, let’s be honest and realistic!


Macau is all about gambling. Nothing more and nothing less!

It is ALL about your money, making you believe, as all casinos around the world will do, that you will become rich….!!! Really? Of course not!!!

Nope, you are not in a museum…

Macau’s casino generate 5 times more profit than Las Vegas. And you still think you can win….??? AHAHAH

Exterior of the Venetian, Cotai

Don’t forget, what will you find there? For the casino’s side, huge shopping mall, thousands of hotel’s rooms, and of course CASINO… Baccarat, roulette, slot machines, poker’s table…

Shopping mall at The Venetian, with an indoor river
Shopping mall at The Venetian, with an indoor river


In the other hand, there are some nice historical places to visit, and good places to eat too… Like the famous “Portuguese Egg Tart”, the street food “Pork Chop Bun” and other Portuguese/Chinese local delight

Local Medicine
Side road
View from the Ruins of Saint Paul
Saint Dominic’s Church built in 1587

So, don’t be lazy and explore… And as I said earlier, 1 or 2 days is enough… Stop thinking that you’re going to be rich there…!!!


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