Bread Street Kitchen


Bread Street Kitchen finally opened.

Yes, it is the Casual Dining of the Famous Gordon Ramsay.
And, yes, he opened in Singapore, precisely at Marina Bay Sands with other Celebrity Chef such as Daniel Boulud, Justin Quek, Wolfgang Puck, Tetsuya from Waku Ghin, Mario Batali…. (Sorry for Guy Savoy which had to close his fine dining) and more.

For those who don’t know who’s Gordon Ramsay, well he’s a worldwide known (Michelin Star awarded) British Chef for a multitude of restaurants and TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef USA, Kitchen Nightmares.. and more….!

So, when someone like him open a new venture, expectations are high.
At least for me.
I never had a chance (yet) to dine in one of his fine dining, at least his 3 Michelin Stars in London, so I have to content myself with his Casual Dining.
Of course, watching most of his shows, knowing where he’s coming from (trained in France), with a lots of successful restaurants, I still have some expectation from his team, even if it’s a casual dining!
Come on, if tomorrow you buy the cheapest Ferrari ever, you still expect to be a Ferrari; the name is here; well same in this case…

So, pardon Chef, but let’s do a “Hell’s Kitchen” Review….

Located in the shopping area of Marina Bay Sands, the main dining area is at the ground floor with a small outdoor and the kitchen with private dining will be at the basement 1.
The decor is casual with a bit of elegance as well but nothing exceptional. For the negative point, if you eat at the bay windows, you will get the sun in your face, no blinds or nothing to protect and this is annoying. I mean that it is not great to eat with the sun in your face… Detail which hopefully will be fixed.

For the food, well you do have a proper choice of cold and hot appetizers, fish, meat… The selection is correct but how the taste will be like?

This is what we are going to find out!

{Food Menu Here}

To let you know, we had 3 appetizers (1 cold & 2 hot) followed by 2 main course, so I will comment on those ones only, and for some other bloggers, I did and always pay for my food…

Let’s start with the cold starter first

Alaskan King crab and apple cocktail with pink peppercorn (SGD$28++)


Presentation, well, looks like the 80’s prawn cocktail style.
And for the taste, disappointing… Way too much watery sauce, tasteless Alaskan King crab and green salad….!
Overall, small, full on sauce and tasteless expensive appetizer…
I expect something better for SGD $28 (US$20,75 /£13,21) excluding tax….
Not worth!

Hot Starters:

Seared scallops, carrot puree, treacle cured bacon, apple, celery cress (SGD$24++)


The scallops were cooked perfectly and the combination with the carrot’s puree and apple was nice. Seasoning was perfect, slightly overcooked bacon (some were burnt black)
Overall, even if you get only 3 scallops, the dish was pleasant.

Tagliolini, lobster, chili, spring onions, parsley and white wine (SGD$28++)


First of all should add garlic in the description, as it seems that there were a lot…
Nice presentation, but blend…
Overcooked lobster, full of buttery sauce which is blend… I mean there is chili, spring onions, garlic, which by right should burst of fireworks in your mouth, and yet with all those ingredients, the dish was blend and tasteless…
Better improve as again for this price, not worth….!

Main Courses (1 from the Mains & 1 from the Grill)

Risotto with girolle mushroom, peas, green asparagus, aged parmesan (SGD$32++)


Yes, the presentation is nicely done, but same problem than the lobster appetizer, it is blend, not enough seasoning, and the worst… Soupy risotto, I mean, clearly there was lots of water in the plate… No flavour from the girolle mushroom at all… The risotto was overpowered by the peas only…
Overall, I keep seeing you on TV shooting about bad risotto, well please do the same to your team, they deserved it…
Not Worth..!

Irish Angus Rib-eye Steak 12oz 28 Days Aged Grass Fed (SGD$68++)


Just for info, nothing from the Grill comes with a side, then you better order one…

Now, you will ask yourself, that’s only a piece of meat….?

Well, it was a very good piece of meat, perfectly cooked (medium-rare), perfectly seasoned, very tasty indeed. Not cheap, yes, but it was a very good one (thanks for the cow and the cook who didn’t fuck it up)
As for the sauce; the Bearnaise and the Stilton blue cheese sauce; they were also good…

Every restaurant’s opening is stressful for everybody.
The floor staffs need to get the routine of the service and same for the kitchen staffs and this is the same everywhere in the world, so we need, as consumers, to understand that.

As for our experience for our late lunch, well the floor staffs were attentive, some of them still need some product knowledge as we asked a waitress and the “young lady” bar manager what was the “Christian Drouin” in the Brandy list, both told us they didn’t know…. well it is Calvados which is a digestive made of apple… basic!

Overall, I will go back in few weeks to see the improvement, as you always need to give a second chance.

Will I recommend it? Right now, I am not sure…


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6 thoughts on “Bread Street Kitchen

  1. I was there last night and based out your experience I ordered the Irish Angus. Came perfectly cooked ( medium rare) but the Grill Chef was far to heavy handed with the Salt rendering the steak unpalatable . I left 3/4 of the steak and was not offered a re fire or comp. My wife ordered the Cod which was uninspiring in presentation , under-seasoned and bordered on over done. Appetizers , King Crab Salad, agree with you assessment. Cesar Salad was great , but even I can make a descent on . The Spicy Tuna Tartar was nice. .

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