Nox – Dine in the dark


Nox – Dine in the Dark

The name says it all…. you dine in the dark, seriously, you won’t see your hand in front of you…

Let’s start.

Located in a 2 storey shop house near Arab street, you’ll have at level 1, a bar with some tables and chairs, where, of course you can only have some drinks before or after dinner and some lockers.
The lockers are not for the staff, but for your bags, cell phone or anything else. Main reason will be that there’s no way you can dine in the dark with your bag… Common sense, where will you put it?
And of course, no photo allowed in the dining area… Also, that’s smart to not allowed people in the dinning with their phones….. you are here for an experience and also to share it… So, advise for all the phone junkies who cannot eat without leaving their phones…. Stay home or try to have a life….

Once your table is ready, one of the service staff from the dinning, will come and bring you to your table at level 2.
Then now, you will ask yourself, how a staff can bring you in the dark to your table, well they are blind. And, once you reach the staircase to go up, you will be in the dark…. So follow the instruction, everybody’s hold hand, no one rush and you climb slowly the stairs…
Of course, the feeling to loose you vision is a bit scary, but millions of people do live a normal life without the sense of vision…

Now, regarding the food, don’t expect an “A la carte”, the only thing you can choose will between 2 menus or 3 depending on the Chef’s inspiration… We were lucky to have an “Exotic menu” and, btw, you won’t know what you are eating until the end of your dinner… which is the all point and concept of this place…. You need to taste and try to understand what you are eating… And this is challenging, even for people with a good palate…. I tell you, that’s hard!!!
In term of quality and taste, the Chef and his team are up to the challenge and YES the food is good.


Once your meal is over, you will be escorted to the ground floor. Same procedure than to go up, hold hand and all will be fine…

Before getting the bill, you will have a quizz to see if you can recall what you had. Don’t get me wrong but even if you think that you know your stuff, well too bad as you might not be able to recognise more than a couples of flavours. It is hard honestly, as it is a real challenge.

As an unique experience, it is something that you shall do with your partner, then family and friends.
If you ask me, was it worth? I will reply with a BIG YES. The food and service were great, really nice and attentive staff and overall it was a truly interesting experience… I’m going back soon…



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