Local Thai Food Restaurant -Railay Beach

Staying in Railay for few days, I decided to look the other’s review to see what others think about “Restaurant” here.
Even if Railay is small, there are plenty of choices to eat.


So, after reading a couple of positive reviews, I tried “Local Thai Food” restaurant.
Located in between of East and West Railay, it is in the middle of it.
From East side, follow the gun range sign and it will be the first stall on your right.
From West side, make the walk where all the shops are, once you see the boat, take the left at the cross road, continue to walk and it will be the last stall on your left.
Well, in between there is also lots of other places, which, to my knowledge, can be given a try!
This is a big stall, and you can find lots of, as the name says, local Thai food.
Some tourists do have high expectation, I don’t know why, especially when you go in such layback area, but it’s true. Some of them want a perfect service as a normal restaurant that they used too, but forgot that, Thailand or at least beaches areas are chill. People there, even if they take pride in what they are doing, are relaxed…. Maybe for some tourists, they are too slow, but well noboby’s rushing.
So, take your times folks…!
To conclude this, I will say that the service was ok, the staff is friendly. My drink was served fast and for the food, well it needs to cook… ahahah!


As expected, the food was good and fresh.
The Papaya Salad was fresh, tasty with a nice balance of sweet and spicy. Perfect after a hot day at the beach.


And follow by a Green Curry. Btw don’t forget to order rice on the side, as no stall will automatically give one.
Well, the Chicken Green Curry was good too. Served with local eggplant, pineapple, cucumber, peas, curry leaves…. it was tasty and the balance of spices was right.

In few words, the food was good, relax atmosphere and inexpensive…

Feel free to try….


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