Savour 2015 …

Savour Event Entrance

Finally or not, “Savour”, for the 4th times, reopened and closed. 

As usual at this period, they will come and leave their caravans for couples of days, full of food and drinks to consume or take away.


Using the same concept, since the creation of the event, different chefs, some from overseas but mostly locals, they continue to incorporate “supermarket” spaces with some nice product placement such as Maserati with cocktails…


Or Badoit, which offer a small glass of water with you ticket.

Of course the glass is small, as the point is to sell you a bottle or 2, especially in this hot and humid weather.


The idea is, just after the main gate, you will have to buy some “Savour Dollar” at a cashier sponsored by DBS and you just follow a narrow path some canopy featuring the guests chefs…


For the Chefs or type of food you could find, the usual Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation (HK), Emmanuel Stroobant with St Pierre, Kiin Kiin from Denmark , Garagists from Australia (apparently closed), Midsummer House from UK, and some more common name in SG such as L’entrecote and the entire Delicae Group, Rochester group, Spathe, and more….

Well,for Sg, all the casual but yet sometimes expensive european venues.



I can understand that to cook in the back of those canopies are not idealistic condition, true, but mostly the food is prepare in their respective outlets and to be honest, the food is not great.

Of course, you cannot expect nice plate presentation while queuing with 20 others hungry, after work visitors, but well, really not tatsy or appealing, in my opinion.


The added value is, you can taste a variety but yet average tasting portion (ok, slightly bigger) from different restaurant with an average price of S$15 – S$20…

Good point will be the multitude of activities such as cooking class as for example Chef LG Han from Labyrinth and more did, wines and other alcohol discoveries, oups…! That side is fun…


Other good point, if you were going there after work and needed to do some shopping, well, it was possible.  Jones the Grocer had a big, I mean huge spot inside the F1 podium building, which they converted into a supermarket, with a restaurant….

In few words, if you are with friends and got free passes, well you can pop by and you will definitively spend your money.

Is it a must go?

maybe for the first time, but well, it will be great maybe to improve a bit more.

I will say more variety in the food s some of the shop are similar, pricing on a lower side, continue the activities for the visitor.

But otherwise, if you already been there in the past, same, same…


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