My 10 places for Food in Paris… Part 1


I’m sure, it will not be the first time, that someone claim to give you the 10 spots to go in Paris?!


 But well I will try…

Having lived in Paris for more than 10 years, while you meet people, you start to discover new places.

Best Hot Chocolate :

La Charlotte de L’Isle

Where:   At the end of a small street in the middle on the Ile Saint-Louis. And don’t expect a big space, 1 main room  with counter and a smaller one, clean in the old school way, but really charming, as it will give you this relax and calm feel of Paris…

Why:   If you like or want to try the REAL  Creamy and Velvety Dark Chocolate, that is the place…! They do have also a decent tea selection, and of course a mini menu for pastries and sweets, up to standard.

La Charlotte de L'Isle

Hot Chocolate at CharlotteInside of La Charlotte De L'Isle

So I you are in the area, it is a must go!

{Map Here}

just outside of the main stream from Notre-Dame-De Paris

Notre Dame De Paris

Best Bistro : 

A La Tour Montlhery – Chez Denise

Before that, I need to explain what I mean by Bistro.

It is this familial open house, where everybody is here to share something. Don’t expect something modern and big, They have 2 long “communal tables”, and maybe 2 extra tables at the end, but I am talking about the real and traditional old atmosphere, which you can relate in some old movies from the 40’s and 50’s.

It is one of my MUST eat if you are in Paris…!

The portions are BIG, I mean the food they served is in generous proportion. This is due to their past as they used to feed the Forts Des Halles, Delivery guys which worked in Les Halles De Paris”,  the old open market in the capital. It was where all the suppliers use to sell food. So you can imagine those strong men, working from early morning until night, carrying tons of food and other things, they had a Huge appetite.  To satisfy their needs, they used to go in what we call Bistro..

They have of course some really nice piece of Grilled Meat, but also fish, Stews as main course, but their appetizers are not small neither. Be prepare for a Festive night.

Half of the Cote de Boeuf

The quality… All is fresh and home-made from great products, so, don’t worry you will remember it…

By the way, you better go early or very late (5AM) as it is always full, most of the time!

They also closed on Saturday/sunday – and all of August… So better plan.


As you will be in the same street, if you like foie-gras, go and check this shop called

“Foie-Gras Godard”

And if you like a nice “Mi-Cuit” (half cooked) which is full on flavor and yet delicate, try their “Lobe de Foie Gras Entier, Mi-Cuit”

To Be Continued…


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