Lobster Night at Pince and Pints

Lobster Night at Pince and Pints

Finally there is a place in Singapore in case you do have a Lobster craving.

Pince and Pints is a dedicated Lobster restaurant in Duxton road.

No appetizer or dessert, Lobster is the star and they proposed it in 4 ways, Grilled or steam, Lobster roll and Chilli Lobster at an unique price of S$48++.

{Food Menu Here}

As it’s in an old Shop House, it is a bit cramp and it will be quite noisy really quick inside.Negative or positive point, depend on you.

They also, do not take reservation, walk-in only, meaning by 7pm it’s already full. well it can help, as locals love to queue ;). Don’t get me wrong, it can have some charm to it, but you are not sure to have a table when you’re hungry.

Btw, it’s dinner only…

One alternative will be to get a drink (or two) while waiting. But they will write down your name and do what they can do accommodate you as soon as they have a table.

The staff is friendly and quite efficient (not always the case in SG).

The wine list is decent and not too overpriced, and even proposed some carafe (500ml). In case you do not want some wine they also have cocktails, beers and soft drink… what a shame to go out for dinner and ask for a coke… hahaha.

{Drink Menu Here}

We got lucky as when we been there they did have a special which was the CNY Lobster cooked with XO.  A bit spicy but nice twist to it. But I think they should have a Lobster Thermidor…!

Overall, the food was good, and not overcooked as an overcooked lobster will have the texture of rubber…

In few words, if you like early dinner or don’t mind to wait, you can give a try.

Steamed Lobster
Steamed Lobster
CNY Lobster XO
CNY Lobster XO

Bon Appetit…!


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