Oxwell & Co

Since they opened, I’ve been there a couple of time, mostly to catch up with friends for a drink.

Of course at the opening they got a great publicity due to the fact that Chef Mark Sargeant “Chef consultant” (one of the protege of the famous Chef Gordon Ramsey) was involve in the food and in collaboration with the General Manager and Head Bartender Luke Whearty, created a nice place to eat and drink in Club Street area…

Well, do not get me wrong, there is a lot of places in Club St., and the competition is rude… As I say more competition will give better choice for the customer…

Honestly I am not a fan to go directly at the opening of a new place.

Why? Because, in general it is overcrowded, the food, might be too good (but standard will drop really soon) or they are so busy that the quality is not here yet but it will be in couple of month. Come on, the few weeks of any opening is stressful for the staff, as they need to adjust to a new environment, I believe you can understand… So DO NOT be too excited at the beginning, the best might come (or not…)

Their concept seems to be the new trend, industrial look with some rustic furniture…

To my disappointment, it seems, that the opening team “Mark Sargeant” is not here anymore. To be confirmed as the website still mention them, but I will not be surprised as this is also a trend in F&B those days, get some renowned people to open something and then, after few month, they are gone but the business still bank on their name…

OK, let’s go to the point, this will be the first review of this place as we just had couple of drinks (yes, ok a certain number…) and some Bar food. And promise I will go and try the dinning…

For the drink, I will talk about their home-made “on Tap” Mojito and Pina Colada.

Just to clarify, S$20 for any of them is way too expensive, even if you pay only S$10 during Happy Hour, I think it is way too expensive.

Mojito "on Tap"
Mojito “on Tap”
Pina Colada "on Tap"
Pina Colada “on Tap”

For the taste, I will say they were both light and refreshing , but a good friend of mine told, for a cocktail to be good, you need the proper balance of all the ingredients then you cannot taste the alcohol.

Just don’t get me wrong, the 2 cocktails were nice, way better than the wine by the glass. The red wine was bad…

For the snacks, we got Angus beef Burger and I will call that the monster Hot Dog..

Hot Dog
Hot Dog

Angus Burger
Angus Burger

Honestly both were good, tasty, juicy, not over cooked.In a way it is not complicated to do that, you need the proper ingredients but compare to some other places, it was good.

I will definitively go back to their proper dinning at Level 2 to try their food.

To resume all, not bad cocktails of bar food, crowded really fast, feel free to go to the bar to order.


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