Fleur de Sel restaurant

Fleur de Sel mean “Flower of Salt” which is the prime quality salt crystal, but this is the name of this french restaurant opened 1 year ago in Tras Street.

It is an open kitchen concept with around 20+ seats in the cosy main dinning room and they do have a private dinning which can accommodate 12 persons. And Yes, you will see the chef cooking for you!

I will call that a “delicate” classic french, as everything is home-made and well plated, I mean nothing more / nothing less… Compare to some restaurant which like to add so many thing in the plate, they will do a classic yet elegant plating.

A good restaurant need to bring up the flavour of each dish and this is exactly what they are doing.

Personally I like to go there for dinner, taking the time to enjoy my food with, of course, a good bottle of wine.

Interestingly speaking their wine list is not over pricey, obviously it will depend on what you order but you can find good wines to a reasonable price.

Good thing is, they do have 2 Set Lunch menu for you to choose from. Both perfectly executed, it will depend on your appetite.

Dinner time it will be “A la Carte” and they do also have a Degustation Menu. Who knows, ask the Maitre D’h, as they might have something special…

Overall, it is a yummy place to go.

Lamb “Amuse Bouche”
Lobster bisque before
Lobster bisque before
Pouring the Lobster Bisque
Pouring the Lobster Bisque
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tenderloin
The Cheese troley
The Cheese troley
Dark Chocolate dessert
Dark Chocolate dessert

Bon Appetit…!


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