The Wicked Garlic @ International Plaza

Sometimes, As a F&B operator, you get the chance to attract office people by being in the heart of their offices. This is what happen with this place. Located Level 1 of International Plaza, even if the inside seating is limited, the location is great for lunch; and maybe also for the early dinner…

Few times, I passed by for lunch and that is true, it is always full. You better wait or come early.

The fact of seeing a queue doesn’t mean it’s good, but well shouldn’t be so bad….

Finally, we decided to go for an early dinner


It is true that is not expensive and their website claims: ” Welcome to a truly authentic Italian shack in Singapore…” so we ordered a SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA and a RISOTTO QUATTRO FORMAGGI E FUNGHI. In an auto-claimed “authentic Italian shack”, we shouldn’t get wrong!

The concept is, grab a table, choose what you want to eat, go at the cashier to order and pay, then wait…

In our case we did wait, and wait again… yeah my food is here, “ok darling you will have to wait too”… and wait, while other tables (came after us) got their food before my GF… Ok now, all of us got our food, let’s eat…!

For what it is an “authentic shack in Singapore” their is a lack of deco, i mean I don’t necessary have high expectation if I go in a local cafe, but at least good food and in this case Italian feel…. well nothing…


Unfortunately it is a pure disappointment.

Let me explain:

For the Real Italian, the Carbonara is made of Pancetta or bacon, egg and cheese and pepper. But in lots of places and even me at home, I like to add some cream (creme fraiche) and this is a personal taste. The trick, in my case, is to slow cook the creme to thicken it.

In our present case, in this “truly authentic Italian shack”,  cream was raw… yes raw, or maybe was in a pot for less than a minute to warm it… Sir, when the cream is still liquid means something is wrong….


Now, what can I say about the Risotto… Undercooked! Of course it takes time to do a Risotto, but if I have to wait 20minutes for an undercooked risotto , as the grains are still hard, I do not necessary want to hear that you guys are cooking it “al dente”…

There is a difference between undercooked and “al dente”, and apparently you don’t know it…

My conclusion: if you are really hungry and want an average pasta, go to “Pastamania”… or just eat something else.

Should I return…??? Really? You ask me the question…


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