OKB @ One Kampong Bahru (closed)

Living near by, my GF and I decided to give this “Local Cafe” a try.

OKB Menu

To be honest I never heard about them, and not even checked any comments before.

You know, sometimes on a Saturday at lunch time, the choices are limited… Some places are closed or they are so crowded, that you don’t want to wait 45mn for some dry scrambled eggs.

When we walked in, it was fairly quiet, and we got a warm welcome from the 2 floor staffs. One of them proposed us a table, and while giving the menus, did recommend the dish of the day.

Well, they do not have an extensive menu, but sometimes it’s better… Too many choices in a menu can result to a very bad meal! But let’s continue.

Not being too hungry we decided on 1 main course each with a side for me and 2 glasses of wine.

She took the SEAFOOD LAKSA LiNGUINE with a glass of Chardonnay from Argentina, and I followed the recommendation of the day which was a SLOW COOKED SHORT RIB with a side of SWEET POTATO SMASHED and a glass of Cabernet Shiraz from Australia.

To our surprise, the Chardonnay was really light, I mean really light..! No buttery flavour so distinct of a this grape. Don’t get me wrong, it was drinkable, but in any case looks like a Chardonnay, maybe a poor cousin, when, normally the Argentinian wines are exuberant, full of power and generous. This one was non-existent… But well, no much choice then we drunk it.

OKB White Wine

To the contrary, the Cabernet Shiraz was pleasant and did work well with the food.

OKB Red WIne

To be honest the food was good. Maybe need a bit of adjustment as the chilli in the Laksa Linguine was overpowering the rest of the dish, but otherwise it was tasty.

OKB Seafood Laksa

OKB Seafood Laksa Linguine

And The Short Rib, was a perfect hit. I am, in general scare of the ” suggestion  of the day” as it can be anything left over form the kitchen. But I repeat, it was really good. The beef was cooked to perfection, tender and not dry.

OKB Short Ribs

OKB Short Ribs close up

For the Sweet Potato Smashed, it could be a but more seasoned and buttery, but well maybe that’s the Healthier choice…. ahahah.

OKB Sweet Potato Smashed

We finished our meal with the famous CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE with a Vanilla Ice cream. Waouh, good, good, good. Perfectly cooked, hard on the outside and melting in the inside, with a full on black chocolate flavour… loved it.

OKB Chocolate Lava Cake

I tried this dessert in many places around the world, and in a lot of time it is a FAIL… Not this time….

While of course, I’m reviewing this place, I want to share with you, that as foodies, we did also share our comments with the staffs; as an advise and we actually they were pretty happy on our point of you.

Will we go back, definitively as it was good.

When it’s good, it’s good!!!


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